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Agni Hospitality Supplies Pvt. Ltd.


We are pleased to introduce Agni Hospitality Supplies Pvt. Ltd, high-quality hotel, restaurant, School, hospitals, and other hospitality necessity suppliers. Agni covers the widest range of housekeeping and hospitality needs in Nepal and is a pioneer supply firm in Nepal which supplies food and hygiene products, room and bathroom amenities, cleaning and sanitation products, professional and institutional cleaning tools, and more for industrial, institutional & household
purposes. Agni hospitality is one of the nation’s largest distributors in its industry.
-Established in May 2014.
-Importer as well as supplier of necessary sanitary products, room amenities, paper products, and janitorial tools and machinery. Agni Hospitality focuses on a customer-centric approach and believes that the clients are large a corporation or a home user; customer always comes first, the company takes pride in being able to offer excellent value-for-money products as well as exceptional flexibility in managing orders of all sizes and importance.

What we sell:

Agni Supply

Home we Sell To

  • Luxury Hotels/Resorts
  • Leading Restaurant
  • Spa Beauty Saloon
  • School/College
  • Hospitals
  • Individual Households and more

Our success is primarily based on customizing client requirements to create true commercial value for the client. This fundamental principal drives high client loyalty and in turn focuses our joint attention towards:

  • Reducing Client ProcurementCosts
  • Reducing Client TransactionCosts
  • Improving Client LabourProductivity
  • Improving Client/End UserRelationships

Quality Practice

Agni Hospitality Supplies is a company committed to ensuring that all of the processes we follow are
designed to deliver a high-quality outcome for the clients and the industry in general.
The cleaning industry in Nepal is often considered to be an industry that is unprofessional and that
people who work within it are not well educated and fail to deliver on what they say. Our company is
committed to a professional supplier of food and hygiene services to hotel industry that delivers on
what it says it can. That is why we operate the way we do. Every activity is focused on the delivery of
a quality outcome.
Our processes are founded on the framework of international quality standards supported by
branded products with quality certifications with a focus on excellence as the heart of it.
Our business is operated on the basis of our capacity to be able to accomplish our committed
• We are connected to reputable manufacturers and agents that through their own quality control
measures can assure us that what we sell will work.
• We seek external advice on Industry best practice


1-3 days after receiving orders.


+977-01-4377171, 01-4016769
+977-9801830200/201/203/204 +977-9841138576

Further Information

Our entire firm is dedicated to providing the highest possible door-to-door delivery services backed up by a huge range of high-quality products and a dedicated support team. We thank you for this opportunity and for further assistance please feel free in contacting the above-assigned contact accesses.

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